Skin2O MedSpa Reviews – “Because you guys rock!”

Read our client reviews to learn more about Skin2O MedSpa, Dr. Helena Guarda our excellent professionals and the services we provide.

Amy R. on 01/20/2018
Very professional, very informative, very concerned for my well being.

Stephanie W. on 03/02/2018
I was very pleased with my experience at spa 20. I intend to tell all my girlfriends.I also look forward to trying some other new treatments for myself.

Michelle C. on 03/09/2018
Great and knowledgeable staff. Made me feel very comfortable

Brenda P. on 03/15/2018
I was impressed with how professional and friendly everyone is, no judgement. They are very upfront and honest as to what to expect. Great follow up care.

Wanda C. on 03/24/2018
I love Skin2O. All the employees are so nice and friendly and Dr. Guarda makes you feel like she really cares. I highly recommend this Spa.

Lesa K. on 04/18/2018
Very nice customer service, friendly, helpful, Doctor very intelligent, professional, can’t wait to come back!

Ellen C. on 06/20/2018
The esthetician that performed my first waxing was very informative and patient

Denise W. on 06/22/2018
Staff was very nice and helpful. Dr Guarda of skin20 explains throughly all procedures big or small. She was very helpful.

Kathleen K. on 07/04/2018
My treatment was just what I was looking for and I’ll be back!

Tammy J. on 07/14/2018
Excellent experience from front desk to doctor

Mercedes C. on 07/15/2018
Because I’m very pleased with my results from my lip injection

Elizabeth G. on 07/16/2018
Because the doctor is wonderful and the staff are pleasant the place is clean and easy to travel to with ample parking space they had a special so even better

Victoria H. on 07/27/2018
It was a comfortable environment and Stephanie made me feel at complete ease, particularly since I had never had a facial peel before.

Dayna H. on 07/28/2018
Super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional!

Anita E. on 08/02/2018
The service I received was very professional and complete.

Rita E. on 08/15/2018
I was just comfortable

Angela S. on 08/17/2018
The staff is wonderful, especially Teresa! I feel welcome and comfortable every time I visit. Dr. Guarda is patient and takes the time to explain things to you to ensure you understand.

Kelly G. on 09/06/2018
Great service. Knowledgeable staff.

Teresa H. on 09/29/2018
It was just a consultation however I would highly recommend based on the knowledge of the consultant.

Susan A. on 10/05/2018
Everyone made me feel at ease for my first treatment

Gail Z. on 10/06/2018
Very knowledgeable

Antoinette B. on 10/10/2018
The place is very clean and very professional. The physician, Dr Gaurda takes the time and answers all questions and concerns without you feeling rushed and pushing you out. I have passed out alot of their flyers because this is the best and most comfortable plastic surgery center I’ve ever visited and I’ve been to a few. Thanks for being an awesome group.

Marybeth S. on 10/10/2018
Great experience and very knowledgeable doctor who was honest about treatment plan.

Tanya H. on 10/12/2018
Professional, responsive, expert services, discreet, comfortable, well-appointed space.

Wendy R. on 10/20/2018
Krista is awesome! Although it takes me an extra 25 – 45 minutes to get to your spa, I will go continue based on Krista working there. I like your facility asit is welcoming. The woman at the front desk was professional and welcoming. I did purchase a package for facials; and the eye cream and face cream special. Iwish you offered a military discount in support of all veterans.

Jennifer J. on 11/28/2018
Your staff was very informative and friendly. I felt comfortable. Plus, I enjoyed the doctor.

Mitzi S. on 11/29/2018
Kristin was amazing!!!!! Great Service as always and love all the employees here!

Amanda M. on 11/29/2018
Love your office and staff!

Eduardo F. on 11/30/2018
Every thing was great and profesional

Angela S. on 12/11/2018
Teresa is awesome!

Ruth B. on 12/12/2018
Dr Guarda is the best! I love going to see everyone at Skin Spa.

Jenna M. on 12/19/2018
Awesome friendly staff. Felt very comfortable as a first timer!

Sally C. on 12/19/2018
Saw a ad on Facebook- used on line to book a appointment- and was able to be seen the next day. I was treated by a Doctor specializing in Plastic Surgery, not a esthetician, which helped my nervousness about the procedure.

Kelly G. on 12/25/2018
Best microdermabrasion I’ve ever had!

Cleora C. on 12/30/2018
Krista is amazing. My skin has come a long way. After months of treatment my skin is almost flawless. Everyone is so nice and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. I fall asleep almost every time. Very relaxing.

Latasha J. on 01/05/2019
Staff was really nice

Victoria H. on 01/15/2019
A very friendly and professional environment!

Tanya H. on 01/18/2019
Krista is the best!

Bonnie M. on 01/18/2019
Facility is super clean, staff was friendly and professional. Service was exceptional.

Kristen R. on 01/22/2019
Priscilla is always helpful and kind. Dr. Guarda is gentle, patient and knowledgeable. Krista made me feel comfortable by taking the time to talk to me about my concerns and coming up with a treatment plan to address my skin issues.

Umumiah W. on 01/22/2019
The whole experience was wonderful from the front desk to the room 🙂

Vera T. on 01/23/2019
I’ just completed my second microdermabrasion treatment, last week. before the treatment my face felt so crusty, but after only two treatments, I cannot believe how soft and smooth,my face feel. I have recommended, this treatment to all of my friends. ms Kristy,you are the best.

Sara M. on 02/07/2019
Krista is amazing!

Denise K. on 02/27/2019
Friendly staff who provide details descriptions of procedures and recovery. Pleasant environment

Gail Z. on 02/28/2019
Great people

Odette I. on 02/28/2019
Service & results were amazing

Stephen C. on 02/28/2019
Because you guys rock!

Kelly G. on 03/07/2019
Great Microderm! Very professional and knowledgeable.

Holly S. on 03/23/2019
Very pleased with my reception and treatment.

Charlotte L. on 03/27/2019
The staff gave me the information to make an informed decision about my wants and needs

Pam V. on 04/02/2019
Really enjoy the pleasant atmosphere

Tracy V. on 04/02/2019
Professional and friendly. Atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable

Elizabeth Y. on 1/15/2018
I just had my first cool sculpting session three days ago. I found the procedure itself to have a minimal amount of discomfort. I had swelling in the treated areas, which is improving daily. Theresa at Skin20 was very pleasant to work with and definitely knows what she is doing. Her and the physician made me feel very comfortable prior to, during and after my session. The whole staff went out of their way to make this a relaxing and pleasant experience!

Angela D. on 11/17/2017
Excellent 1st visit. Staff was very friendly and Dr. G was very professional as well as knowledgeable. I will be returning for a second visit.

Emily T. on 10/18/2017
Had a great experience at skin2O! Stephanie is wonderful. Priscilla is always professional and friendly. I will be back!

Margaret H. on 8/26/2017
Warm and friendly staff, informative and honest, no wait time, great visit.

Yolanda H. on 7/8/2017
Theresa is amazing! She’s very encouraging and efficient…always on time.

Jermaine G. on 7/2/2017
Very courteous and professional!

Susan S. on 6/14/2017
For my first visit to Skin20Spa I felt very welcomed by the staff. My questions were answered beautifully, and my procedure was explained well. I look forward to my treatment later this month. @

Rachel M. on 6/9/2017
Staff is friendly and I’ve been extremely happy with my results so far!

Kelly G. on 6/7/2017
Stephanie was very professional and did a nice job with my microdermabrasion.

Geoff P. on 5/25/2017
I went here to try to get rid of my very stubborn love handles. I do regular full body workouts at the YMCA, but it just seems like I couldn’t get rid of the extra body fat around my waist while the rest of my body was getting toned. I decided to give Skin20 Spa’s CoolSculpting a try. I’m very happy with the results! There is a noticeable difference from the photos before my first session. Six weeks later, I came in for my second and final session and I could see how much my love handles have shrunk. Great experience, not too uncomfortable and Teresa is excellent! I’m very anxious to go back in another 6 weeks for the final photos and see how much more I’ve lost. I highly recommend this place.

Shirley M. on 5/24/2017
Teresa, the RN is a dream to work with. The office is beautiful and so relaxing.

Lisa J. on 5/17/2017
The Ski 2O Spa website was very user friendly! I made an appointment with just a few clicks. Very convenient!!

Tiffany D. on 5/11/2017
The consultation was amazing any & everything that you could possibly want to know about the procedure what to expect how it works and any possible side e ffects were very thoroughly explained

Susan P. on 4/23/2017
I have nothing but glowing praise for Skin 20 Spa. My skin has never looked better or clearer. I will definitely continue having facials and various treatments at this wonderful spa.

Brenda G. on 4/13/2017
Awesome service